Israel on My Mind
Renew your connection with Israel through this inspiring collection of tales. Find out about one woman's childhood experience of growing up in blissful Jerusalem, and her journey away and back to her homeland after an 11 year hiatus. Interweaving her own experience of Israel, both as an American and Israeli, with traditional Jewish folktales, Ms. Hankin uses humor, music, movement and audience participation to bring the magic of Israel -- past and present -- to life.

The Healing Power of Tzedakah
According to Chasidic master Schneur Zalman, "Charity is a magnet with more power to attract divine influence than any other precept." Our Tanakh goes on to say that "Charity saves from death" (Proverbs 10:2). The ancient Jewish stories in this program reveal how and why you can help yourself, your community and your world through Tzedakah.

In Search of the Soul: In Light of the Mystical Journey
Are you seeking for something but not quite sure what? Come, leap into these stories as they illuminate the Jewish journey of soul-seeking. Humorous, engrossing and mystifying, these stories are sure to leave you a little closer to the "right track."

The Language of the Trees: Jewish Secrets of Nature from Around the World
Journey with "the leading storyteller of her generation" (The Jewish Week) as she integrates music, movement, and a slew of wild voices and characters to tell us: what do trees talk about?

Be A Mentsch! Jewish Mitzvah Tales from Around the World
Interweaving her own experience with traditional Jewish folktales, Vered Hankin uses humor, music, movement and audience participation to bring the magic of Jewish Mitzvah -- past and present -- to life.

The Magic of Judaism
These legends of magic and miracles of Jewish lore illustrate the power of magic in Judaism. Each of the stories utilizes magic as a tool for bringing people together, helping Jews overcome difficult situations and creating miracles in day to day life. Find out how to put a little magic back into your Judaism.

'Rebels and Rubies': A Walk through Jewish Women's Herstory
An interactive storytelling program interweaving ancient folktales with true historical encounters of prominent Jewish women. Take a walk into Barbara Meyerhoff's humorous and touching account of the day to day life of an elderly Jewish community in California; peer into Bobbie Rosenfeld's Olympic gold winning stint; experience the headstrong hat-woman Bella Abzug. Vered Hankin is the only artist who was commissioned the Jewish Women's Archive to create performances for all of the women celebrated in Jewish Women's History Week.

This program can be adapted for any age, from preschool through adult, and for any size group. Together, institution and performer will decide upon which women to focus.

Women of Might: Being a Powerful Woman
Women and girls have played an active and important role in Jewish folklore. Brave princesses, crafty witches, loving daughters, and brilliant young women color these stories, as well as our oral history. Find out about the first noted woman rabbi (seventeenth century, Kurdistan) and a woman who courageously saved her family (Ethiopia). These fantastic tales about powerful women are sure to inspire you to be the strongest Jewish woman you can be.

This program can be adapted for any age, from preschool through adult, and for any size group.

Women Seekers and Mystics: Ancient Stories - Modern Messages
Learn about the very first female rabbi, who lived in Kurdistan in the 16th century. Follow an Ethiopian woman's journey of courage to save her family. Journey with a princess who becomes the morning star. Find out how these stories encourage our own spiritual journey today.

This program can be adapted for any age, from preschool through adult, and for any size group.

The Evolution of Lilith
The age-old demon seems to live forever. We will trace the evolution of Lilith, from ancient times until the present, through stories from Isaiah, Midrash, Zohar, and modern literature.

Available as performance and/or workshop. For high school age through adult.

The Jewish Home: Creating Peace in and out of the Home
These folktales reveal the secrets behind forgiveness, love and mending old wounds. Find out the lesson learned by a woman who went searching for a potion to save her marriage. Learn about how two brothers reaped the rewards of selflessness. The tales may be ancient, but their ageless lessons can be applied to any relationship.

Love, Lust and Longing in Jewish Lore
It's storytime! Come, luxuriate in the erotic side of Jewish folklore. How does Jewish folklore depict the search for one's mate? What about the yearning for a mate? Or a date? These humorous, adventurous and slightly risqué Jewish folktales from around the world are sure to turn up the heat!

This program is for adults.

Demons, Dybbuks and Ghosts: Oh My!
A haunting collection of supernatural tales from the Jewish tradition. Learn about the precursor of Frankenstein, the age-old tradition of ghosts and demons, and the magical powers that supercede them, and which ancient incantations might just help you get past that eerie night.

The Sacredness of Life: The Path of Jewish Healing
Having a hard time relaxing? Is the drone of day to day life getting you down? These stories are inherently healing. They will leave you relaxed, exhilarated and ready to face your week with a smile and to embrace the sacredness of life.

Folklore of Jewish Healers: From Rambam to Rabbi Nachman and Beyond
Until recent times, many rabbis served as healers and doctors as well. Their medicine practices fluctuated between what we term as "Western" medicine, "Eastern" medicine and spiritual healing. At that time the distinction was not so clear. Find out how you can incorporate their "prescriptions" into your daily life.

Curing the sick: Doctors and Healers in Jewish Lore
These stories of Jewish doctors include stories of curing illness of all kinds: from a princess who was "cured" into speaking to a prince who learns he is not a rooster after all. Find out how Jewish doctors and healers of all kinds are depicted in these Jewish folktales from around the world.

Chasing Away the Dark: Journeying Through the Darkness
Vered Hankin delves into this moving autobiographical show integrating ancient folk stories into a very contemporary journey of self discovery. An illuminating odyssey perfect for a dreary winter night!

Need a Purim event? How about Passover? Tu Bishvat? Rosh Hashanah? Vered Hankin's repertoire includes every Jewish Holiday under the sun, and then some. Complete with magic, movement, music and a host of wacky characters and voices, these stories are sure to spice up any holiday! The audience will laugh! They'll cry! They'll even learn (but don't tell them that…!). [can be adapted to all ages-tots to adults!]

  • The Highest of the Highest: High Holiday Tales from Around the World
  • Dancing with the Torah: Sukkot and Simchat Torah Stories
  • Magic and Miracles: Channukah Tales from Around the World
  • "A Good Purim! A Good Purim!": Zany Purim Tales from Around the World
  • The Souls of the Trees
  • The Enchanted Seder: Passover Tales from Around the World
  • Israel on my Mind
  • Jerusalem on My Mind
  • Women of Might: Tales of Strong Women and Girls
  • The Big Leap: Incredible and Uplifting Tales of the Holocaust
  • Why the Challah was Crying and other Shabbat Tales from Around the World
  • The Jewish Holiday Extravaganza Show: A Run Through of each of the Major Jewish Holidays Through (what else?) Stories!!!


"TELL me a Story": Storytelling for Parents and Grandparents
Anyone can tell a story! We do it all the time. Together, we will break down what makes a good story, and how to re-create these factors for any setting. In addition, we will discuss why storytelling is such an important part of our Jewish Heritage. Participants break up into groups, with each group re-telling an ancient Jewish folktale. You will leave this workshop able to finally put that book down and TELL!

Finding Stories for Any Jewish Holiday: Where oh where can they be?
Internationally acclaimed storyteller Vered Hankin will help you find Jewish stories for any holiday, any age. Find out where the material is, how to find it, and how to create a storytelling repertoire for every Jewish holiday you can think of.

After the material: Internally Preparing for Speaking, Teaching or Performance
So, you've prepared your material for the big presentation. Now, how do you get rid of those butterflies? Using techniques drawn from Hasidism, Yoga, acting exercises, and just plain experience, we will explore ways of relaxing and centering before a public appearance. Bring your tricks of the trade as well, so that we can all help each other rest, relax, energize and center before those big public appearances.

Yoga and Judaism: a meditation of breath and movement
Give your mind, body and soul a rest! We will fuse Jewish mantras and meditations (including the "Moses meditation for memory") with key elements of Kundalini Yoga (type of yoga focusing on breath and meditation). All levels welcome, no previous experience in yoga or meditation necessary. Wear loose comfortable clothes, and bring a pillow or blanket.

Our Mother's Stories: A Storytelling Workshop
Who are our heroines? What are their stories? Our stories about them? Our own stories? Through movement, partnering, guided meditation and technique, we will give these stories the voice they deserve.

  • The Language of the Trees: Tales of Nature from Around the World
  • Talking to the Animals: Animal Tales from Around the World
  • Witches, Goblins and Ghosts: Oh My!
  • Women of Might: Stories of Powerful Heroines
  • Love, Lust and Longing in World Folklore